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Las Vegas Hospice Care
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Palliative Care & Support
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Las Vegas Hospice Care

Love is at the center or everything we do at Amore Hospice Care in Las Vegas, NV. If you or a family member needs hospice or palliative care, we offer kind, compassionate, patient-oriented end-of-life care and support. All of our services are provided in the comfort and familiarity of your home.

Compassionate End-of-Life Care

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate end-of-life care that goes beyond conventional methods. Our remarkable range of specialized services is designed to show unwavering compassion towards patients during their end-of-life journey, while also providing support and guidance for families and caregivers.

Let us comfort you and your loved ones during this challenging time. Our professional and friendly team is here to provide the compassionate care and support you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help.

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Our Patient & Family Focus

We understand how hospice care and patient needs can be overwhelming. When time is limited, we channel our focus into the quality of life and love. We see the whole human, not a specific illness – providing dignity to end-of-life care.

By focusing on patient comfort, we allow families to share meaningful time through our home hospice care. When comfort care is being considered, choose love. We’re here to help families realize that choice.

Osteopathic Medicine

Even if the word is unfamiliar, you may be seeking osteopathic medicine through hospice care providers. What is Osteopathy? Doctors of osteopathic medicine take a “whole person” approach when helping patients.

Osteopathic medicine entails opting for comfort and pain relief over unnecessarily aggressive treatment. Our CEO and physician is a board-certified Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine with over a decade of experience.

Hospice Care At Home

Answers to frequently asked questions about end of life care.

Patient Resources

An assortment of helpful information for patients, family and friends.

Grief Support

Healing is a journey. Grief counseling can help guide you and your family.

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Compassion & Comfort

Hospice & Palliative Care

We are committed to clinical excellence, compassionate hospice care, and extraordinary service for patients and their families in the Las Vegas Valley as they navigate this journey with a life-limiting illness—keeping love at the center of all we do. Our staff members have decades of patient care experience, like our lead physician, a Nevada osteopathic medicine veteran. We also offer a program specifically for dementia patients and their caregivers.

Palliative care is dedicated to relieving the symptoms and challenges associated with severe illnesses. Our primary focus is on improving the overall quality of life for both patients and their families. It’s important to note that our palliative care is designed to complement, rather than replace, the treatment provided by primary medical providers. Unlike hospice care, palliative care is not exclusive to those who are terminally ill.

Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we do not require a doctor’s referral.

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Las Vegas Valley

We offer Las Vegas hospice care to residents of Clark County, including North Las Vegas, Henderson and more.

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Connect With Us

No referrals necessary. Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form to begin the at hospice care process.

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Loving Care

We provide all the needed support while you and your family can focus on what's most important.

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We offer bereavement care and grief support groups with qualified counselors for those in need.

Our Staff

Better understand who we are. Learn more about our team of compassionate caregivers and in-home nurses.


We welcome those looking to support others in need. Sign up to be a hospice volunteer. We will be in touch with details.


Contribute to our non-profit program to make a difference for those who can’t afford care.

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