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Our compassion and empathy make us stand out among other hospice organizations across Las Vegas and the greater Clark County area. Amore Hospice Care provides confident, empathetic end-of-life treatment to patients alongside practical, emotional services for family members and caregivers.

The Amore Hospice Care Difference

What’s the difference between us and other Hospice care teams? The answer is simple – our team! We understand how stressful and frightening it can be when a hospice team is called. We’ll take your loved one by the hand and provide a unique blend of physical care, emotional support, and spiritual direction, acting as the perfect intermediary between this stage and the next.

The Amore Hospice Care team consists of highly-trained individuals who have the patient’s needs and best interests in mind. In addition to a director/physician, our staff include:

Graphic depicting the members of the hospice team; physician, nurse case manager, certified nursing assistant, hospice volunteer, chaplain/spiritual coordinator, additional care, and social worker.

The hospice physician oversees the entire care plan and ensures each client receives the pain management they need to remain comfortable. In addition, this provider will often concentrate on improving your quality of life and increasing comfort when possible.

Nurse Case Manager

The nurse case manager is instrumental in overseeing and coordinating patient care while educating and comforting the patient’s family members and caregivers.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The hospice aide provides many of the daily needs of the client. In addition, this individual will ensure the client remains clean and groomed during their time with us.

Hospice Volunteer

Our volunteers are often one of the most vital keys to providing mental comfort and stress relief. In addition, volunteers provide companionship and social interaction for each client.

Chaplain/Spiritual Coordinator

The chaplain or spiritual coordinator guides the client to the next stage of their life, helping them to understand what comes next and how to let go during their waking moments. These caring people allow the patients to ask questions about spirituality and seek peace during end-of-life treatment.

Additional Care

Dietary needs specialists and physical therapists can provide additional care and comfort to patients seeking end-of-life treatment.

Social Worker

The social worker helps the family find resources in their community to help support them during their time of need. Their specialties may also include end-of-life planning. In addition, our social workers can help family members fill out paperwork, arrange homemaker services, or coordinate other practical challenges.

Get Compassionate Whole Person Care In Clark County

When you or a loved one find that you need end-of-life care contact Amore Hospice Care in Las Vegas to discuss your options. We treat everyone as a whole person and understand that our patients are more than an illness.

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