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How Has Technology Affected Hospice Care?

Technology Affected Hospice Care

Health technology is bridging the gap between care teams, patients, and family members. From mobile apps to telemedicine, end-of-life support is becoming more efficient and easier to manage for everyone involved.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than half of Americans opt to receive hospice services.

Mobile Apps Make Accurate Data Accessible

The goal of hospice is to ease the burdens of the patient and family as they cope with their situation. Thanks to the wealth of mobile apps for hospice care, recipients can go through the intake process quickly. Care providers can also document data more accurately. Once processed, all members of the caregiver team can share and access information about patients immediately. There are several other ways mobile technology benefits one’s hospice experience.

  • Access To Medical Care & Assistance 24/7
  • Available To All In-Home Clients & Care Teams
  • Access To In-Home Doctor & Nurse Visits
  • Online Medication Management

Predictive Analytics

With so much patient data being accumulated and combined by health technology programs, care teams can better predict future developments in a patient’s condition. Knowing how quickly progression is occurring allows providers to make more informed decisions about how to proceed with treatments and medication regimens.

This helps ensure that patients get the right care at the right time. The system includes precursors, such as age, demographics, and hereditary issues, and can even help predict forthcoming declines in health.

Telemedicine For Hospice

Telemedicine facilitates communication and monitoring, which improves patient outcomes. This technology also allows care providers to serve a greater audience, such as patients in remote areas. There are even further benefits to this modern form of providing healthcare for hospice clients and caregivers.

  • Less Time Traveling
  • Reduced Costs
  • Easier Communication For Involved Parties
  • Quickly Connects Nurses, Doctors & Caregivers
  • Caregivers Can Receive Information & Support Easily

Easier Communication For Easier Care

These technologies show great promise in the future and are already revolutionizing in-home hospice healthcare. They make the processes more efficient, from admissions and documenting forms to keeping records and allowing easy access to such paperwork via an online platform.

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Amore Hospice Care seeks to help patients and their families in Las Vegas make use of the best technology out there. Should you find yourself or a loved one in need of end-of-life care, contact us for more information about in-home hospice options.

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